29th Annual General Meeting of the European Brain and by Nicole von Steinbüchel, Alexander Steffen, Marc Wittmann

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By Nicole von Steinbüchel, Alexander Steffen, Marc Wittmann

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The intensity of staining varied radially and tangentially within the cortex. The laminar distribution of COX was characterized by either one dark band in layers III-IV or two in layers III and V respectively. Two cortical regions were prominent: i) a darkly stained one-band region in the intraparietal sulcus; and ii) a region with a two-band pattern on the precuneus and the medial part of the superior parietal lobule. These regions measured ca lcm 2 and 2-3cm 2 respectively. Slight variations in the myelin and AChE patterns coincided with the different COX regions.

O. Vranjei. 1 Faculty of Defectology, Universifl of Belgrade, Visokog Stevana 2, I 1000 Beograd, Yuogoslavia, Institute of Neurology, Zvezdara Clinical Center, Dimitrija Tucovica I6I, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia A case history of a 11-year-old girl with epilepsy resulting from a meningitis in early childhood is presented. Details of neuropsychological assessment are discussed, highlighting the difficulties of learning abilities and also presented neurophusiological studies of frequent subclinical epileptiform discharges.

1993). This raises a question of the relative importance of PPN in the generation of the theta. The objective of the present experiment was to assess the effect of temporal inactivation of PPN on the hippocampal theta rhythm evoked in anaesthetized rats by sensory stimulation. The experiment was done on urethane anaesthetized male Wistar rats implanted with hippocampal recording electrodes in the stratum moleculare of the dorsal blade of the dentate gyrus and with an injection cannula unilaterally in the region of PPN.

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