A Blind Eye: A Novel by G.M. Ford

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By G.M. Ford

Underneath the rotting floorboards of an deserted shed are human bones -- plenty of them -- the final issues a runaway rogue true-crime author and his photojournalist ex-lover anticipated to discover after they took guard from a vicious Wisconsin snowstorm. The grisly nightmare Frank Corso and Meg Dougherty have exposed is not anything they could flip a blind eye to. The hideous slaughter of a kinfolk, undetected for fifteen years, has to be avenged, because the hunt for a killer incorporates Corso midway around the nation, and during a chilling heritage of violence, terror, and bloodshed. yet changing into an device of justice has made him a objective of a rage-driven maniac -- and it truly is resulting in ashocking fact hidden in an remoted position the place loss of life lives ... and the place no legislations protects the blameless.

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Corso nodded that he understood. “What I’m trying to say is that . . up until a couple of years ago, we didn’t even have a motel. ” She folded her arms. “Which had the same people living in it for as long as anybody could remember. Because just about everybody who comes to town is related to somebody who already lives here and is staying out with them at the family farm. ” She sighed and scratched the back of her neck. “We’re not exactly a destination getaway . . ” Corso chuckled. “So when a young woman who isn’t related to anybody here in town shows up and takes up residence, it’s something people are going to notice.

He recalled Dougherty kicking in the door. Recalled her half dragging, half carrying him inside. And then lying there on the frozen floor and the candle in the darkness. The single flick- A B L I N D E Y E 31 ering flame and the empty room. And then closing his eyes to make the hammering in his head go away. And then . . The third time he opened his eyes, he sat straight up and winced as a brain-tumor headache nearly threw him back to the floor. The fallen snow reflected halogenbright through the side windows, and then he remembered it all.

The voice said. “The purple light? ” A hand pushed her chin to the left. ” A B L I N D E Y E 29 “It’s a house,” she said. “Put me down. You can make it. Get the people. ” Instead he boosted her upward with his knee and again began staggering forward down the road. His ragged, frozen breath burst out before him as he fought his way forward. They were at the driveway now. All she could see was a single light and the shape of a house through the swirling snow and ice. “Put me down. Go get the people,” she was pleading, but instead he lifted her higher and began to trudge through the knee-deep snow of the driveway.

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