A Short Journey from Quarks to the Universe by Eleftherios N. Economou

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By Eleftherios N. Economou

This e-book takes the reader for a brief trip over the constructions of topic exhibiting that their major houses could be bought even at a quantitative point with a minimal heritage wisdom. The latter, in addition to a few highschool physics and arithmetic, comprises the 3 cornerstones of technology offered in chapters 1 to three, specifically the atomic proposal, the wave-particle duality, and the minimization of strength because the situation for equilibrium. Dimensional research utilizing the common constants and mixed with “a little mind's eye and thinking”, to cite Feynman, permits an grand short-cut derivation of numerous quantitative effects in regards to the constructions of topic. This booklet is predicted to be of curiosity to physics, engineering, and different technological know-how scholars and to researchers in physics, fabric technology, chemistry, and engineering who may well locate stimulating the choice derivation of a number of actual global effects, which occasionally appear to come out the magician’s hat.

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It states that the infinitesimal change dU of the energy U of a system is due to the following three exchanges with the environment: (a) receiving an infinitesimal quantity of heat À dQ; (b) giving an infinitesimal work À dW; and (c) receiving an infinitesimal amount of energy À dEm associated with the inflow of an infinitesimally small number of mparticles. Then, conservation of energy implies that dU ¼ À dQ À À dW þ À dEm ð4:2Þ The infinitesimal quantities À dQ; À dW; À dEm are not perfect differentials of certain functions Q, W, Em, respectively; such functions do not exist.

These can be arranged in order of increasing magnitude with no other energy in between two successive allowed values (see Fig. 1(d0 )). In information language, the energy of a confined particle is ‘‘digital’’ not ‘‘analog’’. 6). 4 Schrödinger’s Principle of Spectral Discreteness Et Et (α) (α' ) 0 0 ω Et Et (b) (b' ) 0 ωo ω1 ω2 ω3 ... 23 ε 0 ω Et ε Et (c) 1 (c ' ) 1' G 0 0 ω ε Et Et (d) 1 (d ' ) 1' G 0 ωo ω1 ω2 ω3 ... ω 0 εo ε1 ε 2 ε 3 ... ε Fig. 1 a–d Allowed values in the plane, total energy Et versus frequency x: a unconfined classical wave; all points in the plane Et vs.

We conclude by emphasizing the main point of this short chapter: We possess a recipe to predict (or to justify a posteriori) the equilibrium structures of matter and their properties. ); minimize G or U with respect to all these free parameters; the resulting state is one of stable equilibrium to be observed in nature. Chapter 5 Dimensional Analysis: A Short-cut to Physics Relations Abstract The method of dimensional analysis is presented and is applied to derive properties of photons and of photonic interactions with matter.

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