A World of Thieves: A Novel by James Carlos Blake

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By James Carlos Blake

In 1928 New Orleans, eighteen-year-old Sonny LaSalle is a most sensible prep scholar and champion novice boxer -- and he venerates his fraternal dual uncles, dollar and Russell, armed robbers who love their career. Sonny secretly believes that he, too, is a usual outlaw and persuades his uncles to take him on as a companion. but if a financial institution activity is going undesirable, Sonny is shipped to penal complex, the place he by accident kills a policeman who's the son of the main feared lawman in Louisiana, widely recognized as "John Bones." After 9 months within the notorious Angola detention center, Sonny makes a harrowing break out and manages to reunite with dollar and Russell. The carefree trio head out for the boomtowns of west Texas, the place the money flows as freely because the oil, unaware that vengeance follows shut in the back of, because the cool, calculating John Bones starts a constant crusade to seek down Sonny ... it doesn't matter what.

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