Acid Row by Minette Walters

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By Minette Walters

Acid Row is a crime-infested housing undertaking that exists through its personal legislation. while information comes baby has been abducted, the disappointment and anger that has been seething at the streets of Acid Row is ignited. And not anyone may be secure.

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The one he's using, anyway. " She waved her hand towards the window. "There's an old geezer in number 8 who vanished for about six months last year then said he'd been visiting his folks in Australia. I reckon it could be him. " Sophie was bewildered. " God almighty! " "Usual stuff. Lecture .. lecture .. lecture. Tried to quiz Rosie about her dad, then tells me what a lousy mother I am when I gave her a bit of my mind. I told her to fuck off more or less .. then .. wham! . she hits me with this pervert who's gonna seduce Rosie with sweets.

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