Adam's Wrath by Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

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By Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

Rear disguise notes: "There are a few things that mere mortals have been by no means intended to know....In the area of Lamorida, general practitioner Victor Mordenheim created Adam - cobbling the creature jointly from components of human corpses. Now, years later, Adam wishes revenge. Adam desires Elise, Victor's spouse. Adam desires Victor useless. The participant characters' send founders at the coast of the area of Lamordia. A vicious typhoon leaves them washed ashore, chilly and hungry at the ice-bound Isle of Agony....Then the fear begins...."

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What’s wrong? ” begins to tremble a mousetrap springs ignores the pain. “Please,”he says, lives. The location of the monastery will earest friends. As you can clearly s s is dead; he won’t be mentioning it The man drops to his knees and exten “’iaven’t you done enough evil to this Gerta’s father. In his own madness, he beli the PCs to be members of a secret society flesh golems that inhabit a monastery some distance to the south of the estate, in the Sleeping Beast Mountains. Flesh golems had been sighted on several occasions in the hills near the estate, hence the militia that guarded the Von Aubrecker family.

I e cells are simply furnished- a pallet of straw, a hardbacked wooden chair, a small table, and a plain wooden chest. -1. 11 uscover the following __ Atered pages. Children keep their few, meager personal ssions in the utilitarian chests. Having no emotions, flesh golems feel little attachment to erial things. ince the Children need little sleep, typically only about four hours per night, these rooms are often empty. 8)Weapons Room: This room is stockpiled with weapons. Crossbows,pikes, and swords line the walls, ready for battle.

Attached to the table is a metal pole that hangs out the window. The Children realize that lightning is an essential ingredient in the revival of dead tissue. During the frequent electrical storms (there is a 50%chance of a storm each night), they perform their experiments. Here, the Children study the effects of electricity on living tissuethe result is almost always death by electrocution. ) This method is an effective way of reviving nonfunctioning flesh golems. Adam's Children have also tried the process on the bodies they have stitched together from human corpses, but without success.

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