Aftermath of Dreaming: A Novel by DeLaune Michel

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By DeLaune Michel

Hypnotic and fantastically written, Aftermath of Dreaming is an incandescent first novel of odern lifestyles and love. except the little challenge that she is waking up screaming in the course of the evening, lifestyles is remarkable for Yvette Broussard. Her jewelry-design profession is setting out, she's again together with her sort-of boyfriend, and, better of all, she now not thinks approximately her once-in-a-lifetime love, overseas celeb Andrew Madden. till an opportunity stumble upon with him alterations every thing. Swept up by means of thoughts in their advanced courting, Yvette is plunged into an obsession with Andrew that eventually forces her to confront the previous she proposal she had left in the back of. whilst, she is juggling the calls for of her bride-to-be sister and her male ally, who's jealous of different males, and techniques of her estranged father. Set opposed to the glittering worlds of la and big apple, and instructed with either humor and pathos, Aftermath of Dreaming explores the common topics of abandonment, forgiveness, and letting move.

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