Against the Giants (Greyhawk Classics, Book 1) by Ru Emerson

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By Ru Emerson

Vengeance may be served

A village burns whereas its attackers flee into the evening. Enraged, the King of Keoland orders an getting older warrior to steer a band of adventurers on a retaliatory strike. As they organize to go into the guts of the monsters' lair, each one is familiar with in basic terms the bravest will live to tell the tale. opposed to the percentages. opposed to the giants.

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There are six senior priests assisting Yagno. Spells: 1: cure light wound, light, sanctuary; 2: aid, chant, hold person; 3: call lightning, continual light. One of Yagno's assistant priests (all of whom have cast sanctuary on themselves) begins a chant spell, including the heroes if they are invited guests. In the coming battle, they will first defend Yagno, then assist any heroes who help their leader. ' Yagno first draws a circle around the altar that essentially functions as a forbiddance spell.

He knows no more than he has told. Even if he is saved, Petchko will prove little help to the heroes. Despite his own heroic effort to retain his mind, Malistroi's transformation threatens to sweep away the last vestiges of goodness in him, replacing them with a fiendish obssession with violence. Not even the mongrelmen will accept Petchko in his current form. The heroes must either take him with them or find a place for him to hide from both the Altered and the native G'Hennans; both wodd kill him now.

The dagger is, in fact, cursed. It will cause it’s weilder a penalty of -1 to all attack and damage rolls, as well as make him a target for fiendish I P transposition the next time he fails a Dark Powers check. Rather than the dark powers responding to the weilder’s evil, a fiend from the Lower Planes will begin to possess the character, eventually replacing him entirely if the process is not reversed. ) This room also contains a couple of primers on conjuration magic, but they are too battered and decayed to be of any use or value.

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