An Ancient Jewish Christian Source on the History of by F. Stanley Jones, JONES

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By F. Stanley Jones, JONES

E-book by means of Jones, F. Stanley, JONES

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In the Bible, however, we read of many occasions where God suspends or overrides the laws of nature. God parts the waters of the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to escape from the Egyptians. He appears to Moses in the burning bush, he raises people from the dead. Historical criticism, however, cannot take such accounts of supernatural intervention at face value, because to do so would be a violation of the laws of historical study, namely acceptance of the laws of nature as understood by modern science and the operation of the law of cause and effect within history.

C. 400), Theodore of Mopsuestia (350–428), and Theodoret (393–457), criticized the allegorical interpretation practised by the Alexandrians for not doing justice to the literal sense of the text and for undermining its historical meaning. Theodore is particularly scathing in his criticism of allegorical interpretation, commenting that, ‘There are some people who make it their business to pervert the meaning of the divine Scriptures and to thwart whatever is to be found there. 37 In reply to the Alexandrian argument that allegorization is legitimized by Paul’s use of allegory in Gal.

Descartes was important not so much for the specific method he employed in his thinking, but for his view that method was the essential way of establishing truth. Method is the means by which the human being progresses from ignorance and doubt to knowledge and truth. The use of method seemed to be justified by its successful use in the sciences. The success and explanatory power of the sciences increasingly led to science being seen as the model for obtaining knowledge, and prompted attempts to apply scientific method to the interpretation of the Bible.

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