An Introduction to Social Biology by Alan Dale (Auth.)

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By Alan Dale (Auth.)

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Others converted their tails into great spiked clubs, and some even developed a kind of second brain in the hip region to control the tail ; whilst from the Theromorph reptiles the first mammals were beginning to develop. FIG. 26. Restorations of four extinct reptiles. The horse is drawn to give the scale. (From material contained in Dr. W. E. ) The reptiles were lords of the earth, of the seas, and of the air. Then suddenly, at the end of the Cretaceous, the vast majority became extinct, and only a few miserable remnants, the crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, and lizards, have survived until the present day.

MAN AND EVOLUTION 43 construction of pyramids where the mummified bodies might lie undisturbed were apparently inspired by the belief that a spirit continued to live for as long as the body which it inhabited was preserved. The general idea behind cannibalism is that there exists some sympathetic connection between the virtues of a person and his various organs : by eating the heart of a brave man the consumer will gain the quality of braveness ; or to eat the skin from the knees of a dauntless enemy will lend strength to the knees of the one who does so, when he is later faced with some formidable situation.

In a four-footed beast this is convenient, because the eyes and muzzle can now point forward. In man, however, the cranial flexure remains into adult life, thus preserving the embryonic state of other mammals. It is important because it means that man, although walking upright, will have his face directed forwards and his line of sight horizontal. Again, both the skin colour and the hair distribution of man fit in well with the general argument. The apes are all born with a light skin colour, and pigment is gradually added as they mature.

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