Aquifer Characterization Techniques: Schlumberger Methods in by Robert G. Maliva

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By Robert G. Maliva

This ebook provides an summary of strategies which are to be had to symbolize sedimentary aquifers. Groundwater move and solute shipping are strongly suffering from aquifer heterogeneity. stronger aquifer characterization can enable for a greater conceptual knowing of aquifer structures, which can result in extra exact groundwater versions and winning water administration suggestions, akin to contaminant remediation and controlled aquifer recharge platforms. This e-book has an utilized viewpoint in that it considers the practicality of recommendations for genuine groundwater administration and improvement initiatives when it comes to expenses, technical assets and services required, and research time. A dialogue of the geological reasons, kinds, and scales of aquifer heterogeneity is first supplied. Aquifer characterization equipment are then mentioned, via chapters on info upscaling, groundwater modelling, and geostatistics. This e-book is a needs to for each practitioner, graduate scholar, or researcher facing aquifer characterization .

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Dispersivity values can thus be considered to be a parameter that captures unmodeled features of a system (Barnett et al. 2012). Solute-transport parameters are often evaluated by tracer testing (Chap. 13), which provides data on tracer concentrations versus time and location under controlled or closely monitored conditions. , hundreds of observation point) test sites in Borden, Ontario (Canada; Freyburg 1986; Sudicky 1986), Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA; Hess et al. 1992), and Columbus, Mississippi (USA; Adams and Gelhar 1992; Rehfeldt et al.

Water Resources Research, 28, 2011–2027. Johnson, A. I. (1967) Specific yield - compilation of specific yields for various materials. S. Geological Survey Water Supply Paper 1662-D. Konikow, L. F. (2011) The secret of successful solute-transport modeling. Ground Water, 49, 144–159. Kruseman, G. , & de Ridder, N. A. (1970) Analysis and evaluation of pumping test data. International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement, Bulletin 11, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Lohman, S. W. (1979) Ground-water hydraulics.

The evaluation of the type and scale of aquifer heterogeneity serves as a prelude to the field testing program by determining the data requirements for a project. The petrophysical and hydraulic evaluation includes the actual field data collection, which is the primary focus of this book. A wide variety of tools are available that provide data on different scales. Professionals involved in projects need to choose the tools that can most effectively provide the required quantity and quality of data.

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