Arms & Equipment Guide (AD&D 2nd Ed Rules Supplement, DMGR3) by TSR Staff

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By TSR Staff

Lavishly illustrated, this e-book offers worthwhile descriptions and diagrams for quite a few armors, guns, and barding, in addition to vital goods of garments and gear. this is often the fundamental quantity for the well-equipped Dungeons and Dragons personality.

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This e-book comprises sixteen new pantheons of gods for monster races resembling darkish Elves, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls and more.
New holy symbols, temple maps, status periods, domain names, spells, and holy relics fill this huge tome, supplying GMs and computers with very important info to flesh out their fable campaigns. Gods is the precise significant other ebook to Monster, yet can be utilized independently.

* sixteen Races and 19 status periods
* 30 Spells and 70 Magic goods
* whole backgrounds on over a dozen religions
* 34 New domain names, Spells, and tradition information
* entire NPC clergymen for every race

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He rushed through the archway and down the house’s main central corridor, which was dimly lit in the soft hues of faerie fire, allowing for sight in the normal light spectrum but not bright enough to defeat the use of infravision. The ornate brass door at the corridor’s end marked the secondboy’s destination, and he paused before it to allow his eyes to shift back to the infrared spectrum. Unlike the corridor, the room beyond the door had no light source. It was the audience hall of the high priestesses, the anteroom to House Do’Urden’s grand chapel.

Zak shot the patron a glare of contempt and kept on his way, down though the structure’s main doors and out beyond the magical darkness and silence into Menzoberranzan’s dark dawn. Rizzen was Matron Malice’s present partner in a long line of partners, and no more. When Malice was finished with him, she would either relegate him back to the ranks of the common soldiery, stripping him of the name Do’Urden and all the rights that accompanied it, or she would dispose of him. Zak owed him no respect.

Unlikely, Alton realized against his hopes. Masters of the drow Academy did not often congratulate students. Alton then heard quiet chanting and noticed that the master was in the midst of spellcasting. Something cried out as very wrong to him now; something about this whole situation did not fit the strict ways of the Academy. Alton set his feet firmly and tensed his muscles, following the advice of the motto that had been drilled into the thoughts of every student at the Academy, the precept that kept drow elves alive in a society so devoted to chaos: Be prepared.

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