Audubon's Birds of America Coloring Book by John James Audubon

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By John James Audubon

Including the red-winged blackbird, painted bunting, wooden duck, nice blue heron, ruby-throated hummingbird, pink finch, and blue jay, forty six various species of birds from all components of the USA are integrated during this ebook. the images were faithfully redrawn by way of Paul E. Kennedy from originals by way of John James Aububon (1785–1851), the main recognized American painter-naturalist.
For each one species, the caption offers the fashionable universal and medical names and the present variety (by common region). No contrast is made among breeding variety and iciness diversity. purely the realm of the USA, unique of Alaska and Hawaii, is taken into account. The birds proven are typically men while the caption doesn't supply the data on age and sex.
Audubon's unique plates, numbered to correspond to the pages of the ebook, were reproduced in colour at the covers. when you stick to them, you won't in basic terms have loads of coloring excitement, yet additionally, you will how to determine many very important birds.

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