Baldur's Gate: A Novelization (Forgotten Realms: Computer by Philip Athans

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By Philip Athans

Bhaal has to be stopped!Someone is sabotaging the iron mines of the Sword Coast, pushing strong geographical regions towards a bloody battle, and a tender mercenary towards an incredible secret.Evil gods, significant spiders, murderous doppelgangers, flesh-eating ghouls, and depraved Zhentarim come to existence within the action-packed novelization of the Baldur's Gate laptop video game shape BioWare and interaction.

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This e-book contains sixteen new pantheons of gods for monster races equivalent to darkish Elves, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls and more.
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* sixteen Races and 19 status sessions
* 30 Spells and 70 Magic goods
* entire backgrounds on over a dozen religions
* 34 New domain names, Spells, and tradition information
* entire NPC clergymen for every race

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Jaheira’s voice sounded closer now, and Abdel pulled in one huge breath at the sound of it. He didn’t breathe well right away, but at least he felt like he’d be normal again someday. This was also when he realized he’d lost his torch in the fall, and it had gone out. Gasping for air, he crawled around the floor at the bottom of the sinkhole in complete darkness until he found the torch. It took him so long to get it lit again, Jaheira finally gave up calling for him, and he still didn’t have breath enough to answer her.

I’m not sure how you survived that, exactly,” Xan said, “but it’s death to walk through that patch of flowers. ” Abdel turned on the elf and took a menacing step forward. Xan’s eyes widened, and he continued to back away. ” the sellsword asked. “Montaron,” Jaheira breathed. “How could I have been so blind? ” Abdel looked at her and sighed. “If your missing friend was a Zhent,” Xan said, “he might have had some kind of—“ “Lucky ale,” Jaheira finished. Abdel wanted to spit. He wanted to kill the halfling.

Not a surprise,” she sneered. ” Abdel asked, giving up on trying to pull the bars out. He started to search through his meager possessions for something that might help him open the door. ” “I didn’t question that evil gasbag,” Abdel told her. He was going to say something else but stopped at the sound of metal on metal in his belt pouch. “You killed Khalid didn’t you,” she said, her voice very much different, huskier, heavier. ” Abdel didn’t have any idea how to answer. He’d been trying not to think about that.

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