Battery Technology Handbook by H.A. Kiehne

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By H.A. Kiehne

The main complete consultant to the elemental theories, thoughts, and methods applied for battery operation and layout. retains experts educated of the present nation of the sphere with new and revised chapters concentrating on the security, functionality, caliber, and enhancement of assorted batteries and battery platforms. features a large rage of examples, dimensions, and necessities for transparent realizing of the subject.

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Tafel Lines If the potential is shifted far enough from the equilibrium value, in Eq. (19) the reverse reaction can be neglected. Then the resulting current/voltage curve in Fig. 8 becomes a simple exponential function ! Z ð22Þ i ¼ io ? T ? lnðjijÞ À ? F ð23Þ that can be written in a form known as the Tafel equation (J. Tafel was the first to describe this relation in connection with hydrogen overvoltage measurements on noble metals (8)): Z ¼ a þ b ? logðjijÞ ð24Þ The curves represented by Eq. (24) are linearized when plotted semilogarithmically and are called Tafel lines.

2 Wh. initial stage of the charging process. This applies, for example, to Fig. 5 mO/100 Ah, corresponding to a larger traction battery with tubular plates. When the charging voltage is reached, the current decreases and this applies also to heat generation due to the reversible heat effect and Joule heating, while heat generation by the internal oxygen cycle remains constant, according to the constant cell voltage (which actually would slightly be increased by heating up). Copyright © 2003 by Expert Verlag.

As the specific heat of a vented nickel/cadmium battery with sintered electrodes the value 1:25 J kgÀ1 KÀ1 is reported (9), while that of the sealed version is correspondingly lower. 863 and 1:052 J ? kgÀ1 ? KÀ1 are reported (13). e. when dQgen/ dt ¼ dQdiss/dt. If heat generation within the battery increases faster with increasing battery temperature than heat dissipation, such a thermal balance is not reached and temperature increase continues unlimited. This situation is called ‘thermal runaway’.

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