Beginning WF : Windows Workflow in .NET 4.0 by Mark J Collins

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By Mark J Collins

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Drag two WriteLine activities onto the workflow and name them Afternoon and Evening, and set the Text as “Good Afternoon” and “Good Evening”, respectively. Connect the Evening branch of the second FlowDecision to “Evening” and the Afternoon branch to “Afternoon”. Your flowchart should look like the one shown in Figure 3-8. Figure 3-8. cs file. This code is identical to the file generated in Chapter 1. ReadLine(); This keeps the console app from exiting before you can read the results. Press F5.

Get(env) > 12), Then = new Assign() { DisplayName = "Adjust Bells" // Code to be added here in Level 3 } This code defines the Condition and the Then properties (there is no Else branch). The Assign activity will be implemented in the next level. The definition of the Condition property, however, probably needs some explanation. Expressions The static Convert() method of the ExpressionServices class is used to create an InArgument class, which is what the Condition property is expecting.

You used variables in the last three chapters. In this chapter, you’ll define both input and output arguments and pass them between the workflow and the host application. Creating a New Solution Start by creating a new Workflow Console Application, as shown in Figure 4-1. Name the project OrderProcess, and the solution Chapter04. You will be using the same project name in Chapters 5–7. Figure 4-1. Creating a new sequential workflow project 45 CHAPTER 4 n PASSING ARGUMENTS In this project, you’ll define an order for some products and pass that order into the workflow.

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