BGP Design and Implementation by Randy Zhang

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By Randy Zhang

In case you wanna be a grasp in BGP expertise, this e-book will be a needs to. It explains in exact the BGP know-how and provides a sophisticated point.

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Specifically, the BGP Scanner performs periodic scans of the BGP RIB to determine if prefixes and attributes should be deleted and if route map or filter caches should be flushed. This process also scans the IP RIB to ensure that all the BGP next hops are still valid. If the next hop is unreachable, all BGP entries using that next hop are removed from the BGP RIB. BGP dampening information is also updated in each cycle. General scanning is performed every 60 seconds. BGP Scanner also accepts commands from CLI via the parser to change its scan time.

0. The next hop in the outgoing updates is set to the local BGP peering address. • When the prefix is advertised via eBGP, the next hop is automatically set to the IP address of the eBGP peer that is sending the prefix. If three or more peers are sharing the same multiaccess network, however, the advertising speaker sets the original speaker on the same segment as the next hop, rather than itself. This is called thirdparty next hop. book Page 19 Wednesday, November 12, 2003 5:19 PM BGP Path Attributes • 19 The next hop is manually changed through the use of a route map or next-hop-self command.

Supernets and the default route are not considered if the routing table contains a subnet of the destination major network (the classful network of the address being resolved). Switching Paths Within Cisco IOS software, three general switching paths are supported, dependent on the hardware platforms and configurations: • • • Process switching Cache-based switching Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) The next sections discuss each switching path in greater detail. Process Switching Process switching is the most basic form of switching and is universally available on all Cisco routers.

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