Black Hats: A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone by Patrick Culhane

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By Patrick Culhane

"Black Hats" is the untold tale, rooted in authentic hypothesis, of 2 of the main infamous males of the early twentieth century - Wyatt Earp and Al Capone. Earp made his identify in his more youthful days, serving as a lawman who was once popular for bending the legislation the place he observed healthy, and taking pictures first and asking questions later. yet it is a little-known indisputable fact that Earp spent the final 20 years of his lifestyles as a personal detective in la. So while his ally, document Holliday's, mistress implores the getting older lawman to trace down her and Holliday's errant son in long island, Earp willingly takes the case.His activity: to persuade the younger guy to renounce his ill-advised involvement in equipped crime and bootlegging. Earp enlists his previous pal, Bat Masterson, who is now a sportswriter, and delves deep into the area of the hot York mafia, the place he comes throughout a tender Alphonse Capone. Earp and Masterson, males who earned their names within the tough and tumble, lawless global of a long time earlier than, set their points of interest on freeing a tender guy from the ruthless thug Capone and his gang.

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With a gesture toward the stage, Tex said, “I’ve been up to this nonsense for over a month now. ” Wyatt laughed a little; she seemed to want him to. Her eyes narrowed. ” “Good. Fine. ” Texas smiled, upper lip curling, and turned to Bat. “Whenever he says three words, when one’s sufficient? ” Texas seemed mildly hurt, but she still managed another smile.

Besides, he could see Bat through the glass in one of a quartet of window-and-woodframe offices at the far end of the city-room chaos. Bat’s back was to him, but the oval skull was unmistakable, as were the broad shoulders on the medium frame. No typewriter for those gunfighter’s hands: Bat was working with pen and ink, scratching away at foolscap. Wyatt knocked on a sliver of woodframe, rattling the window that said sports editor but lacked Bat’s name, and Bat swiveled on his chair and the familiar light-blue eyes widened under the thick slashes of dark eyebrow.

In Johnny’s view, there’s a world of difference. ” The three-story brownstone where Bat stopped also looked asleep, windows dark; hell, it was well after midnight, why wouldn’t they be? Still, Wyatt started up the seven or eight steps to the raised entrance…only to have Bat tug at his friend’s coat sleeve and shake his head, as if scolding a backward child. “No one gets in that way,” Bat said, and led Wyatt down the half-dozen steps to basement level. Dreary and unlighted, the basement entry sported a forbidding black metal door.

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