Blin Language by Kiflemariam Hamde

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By Kiflemariam Hamde

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Of Spring Michael) kwerku July maryamtri August (lit. of Mary) yaKenitri or yaKeni mesaqleri September metelu October mkiel meshweri November (lit. Of Harvest time Michael) tHsasri December In the Julian calender, there are five extra days between August and September called Gwaqume (Pagumen, in geez). Lesson 25 Question Words What, who, which, why, when, where, how The following words start a question. 1. What: wreni, wra enti wreni gabraKun? What do you speak? an deshkli gabekun = I speak Tigringa.

Emana = Before (then); jabit yo ketebaKw gn = I wrote it a litle while. awn dratno gn? When shall we eat our dinner? dembrng = later on awn Dehaili turuKun? When did you enter (subscribe to) Dehai? unQwngi = Last year Afyet kol aweka ferto gn? When will Afyet go home? senu demberes = Next Monday aweka uKwarsrKun? When were you born? sekwetrengn ameri jab = Before 80 years ku emn ma? = Are you sure(serious)? kulawd qeyesi = Guess yourslef. ertra aweka Awtitin? When did Eritrea succeed? e. became independent?

Senior Sunday) Months, year. arba arfif amera ametat nenGwi amar amar dembera unqunGwi seKwamar month, months year, years this year next year the year after next year last year the year before last year sejamar four years back The usual calender starts in September but nowadays the Gregorian calender is in use (officially). The names of the different months correspond to some traditional or religious celebrations/festival in that month. January ldetri (of Christmas) February kebaKbti kbla March fajKiri April gnbotri (or kbitri) May mkiel tNGwaniri June (lit.

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