Brain Evolution by Design: From Neural Origin to Cognitive by Shuichi Shigeno, Yasunori Murakami, Tadashi Nomura

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By Shuichi Shigeno, Yasunori Murakami, Tadashi Nomura

This ebook provides a brand new, particular exam that explains how based brains were formed in evolution. It contains 19 chapters written by means of educational pros in neuroscience, beginning with the foundation of single-celled creatures after which introducing primordial varieties in invertebrates with the nice abundance of the brains of vertebrates. vital subject matters are supplied in a well timed demeanour, simply because novel strategies emerged rapidly—as visible, for examples, within the next-generation sequencers and omics techniques. With the explosion of huge facts, neural-related genes and molecules is now at the radar. actually, Europe’s tremendous technology and know-how initiatives, a €1 billion plan referred to as the Human mind venture and the Blue mind undertaking to appreciate mammalian mind networks, were introduced in recent times. in addition, with the increase of lately complex man made intelligence, there's nice enthusiasm for knowing the evolution of neural networks. The perspectives from mind evolution in nature offer a vital chance to generate principles for novel neuron- and brain-inspired computation. The ambition at the back of this e-book is that it'll stimulate younger scientists who search a deeper knowing with the intention to locate the elemental ideas shaping brains that supplied better cognitive capabilities during evolution.

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4 Are Neuron-like Functions in Single-Cell Organisms an Indication of Emotion or Mind? In the late nineteenth century, Herbert Spencer Jennings began analyzing the behavior of protozoa. He sought to understand emotion and/or mind in animals, as revealed in his paper entitled “The psychology of a protozoan” (Jennings 1899). 40 S. Maegawa Of course, emotion and mind cannot be measured and examined directly with biological methods in animals because we cannot communicate and interview the animals.

Science 166:1633 Naitoh Y, Eckert R (1969b) Ionic mechanisms controlling behavioral responses of Paramecium to mechanical stimulation. Science 164:963 Naitoh Y, Eckert R (1973) Sensory mechanisms in Paramecium. 2. Ionic basis of hyperpolarizing mechanoreceptor potential. J Exp Biol 59:53–65 Naitoh Y, Kaneko H (1972) Reactivated Triton-extracted models of Paramecium: modification of ciliary movement by calcium ions. Science 176:523 Naitoh Y, Eckert R, Friedman K (1972) Regenerative calcium response in Paramecium.

Here, I especially introduce about the molecular mechanisms of neuron-like function in prokaryotes (Escherichia coli) and eukaryotes (Paramecium and Tetrahymena), including molecular mechanisms of the transduction of environmental signals. Environmental stimuli single cellular organisms stimulus 1 E. coli P. caudatum Specific behavioral responce stimulus 2 to specific stimulus stimulus 3 Attraction Repellusion stimulus 4 stimulus 5 signal processing Fig. 1 Neuron-like function in single-celled organisms.

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