Buddhist Meditation An Anthology Of Texts by Sarah Shaw

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By Sarah Shaw

Meditative perform lies on the middle of the Buddhist culture. This introductory anthology supplies a consultant pattern of many of the forms of meditations defined within the earliest physique of Buddhist scripture, the Pali canon.
It offers a vast creation to their conventional context and perform and provides clarification, context and doctrinal historical past to the topic of meditation. the most issues of the booklet are the variety and adaptability of ways that the Buddha teaches meditation from the proof of the canon. masking primary good points of Buddhist perform equivalent to posture, lay meditation, and meditative approach it offers reviews either from the vital early commentators on Buddhist perform, Upatissa and Buddhaghosa, and from respected smooth meditation academics in a couple of Theravadin traditions.
This is the 1st e-book on Pali Buddhism which introduces the reader to the big variety of the canon. It demonstrates that the Buddha's meditative culture nonetheless bargains a course of perform as mysterious, awe-inspiring but as freshly available because it was once centuries in the past, andwill be of curiosity to scholars and students of Buddhism in addition to Buddhist practitioners.

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23 The preceding text in the Akguttaranikaya gives another list of seven: [The friend] ‘gives what is hard to give, does what is hard to do, endures what is hard to endure, reveals his own secrets, guards the secrets of others; he does not forsake one at times of need and does not despise one for any loss’ (A IV 30). A monk, monks, should cultivate, follow and honour a friend who is endowed with seven things, even if he drives him away. What seven? He should be dear and pleasing; he should be respected and just as he should be; he should be someone who speaks up; he should be kindly in speech and he should be someone who discusses things in depth.

For a monk who is a learner, monks, who has not attained perfection but lives aspiring for the unsurpassable security from bondage, I do not perceive another single factor, in regard to outside conditions, that is so helpful as good friendship. ’ The Exalted One explained the meaning and this was said too: ‘When a monk has good friends, And is reverent and respectful, 29 MEDITATION Following his friends’ advice, Clearly comprehending and mindful, He may, step by step, attain The destruction of all of the fetters’.

What should I then say of someone who makes much of this! Whatever states, monks, are unskilful, have a part in unskilfulness, are on the side of unskilfulness: all these have mind as their forerunner. Mind is the first of these states, followed by unskilful states. Whatever states, monks, are skilful, have a part in skilfulness, are on the side of skilfulness: all these have mind as their forerunner. Mind is the first of these states, followed by skilful states. 30 In one who is careless, unarisen unskilful states will arise and arisen skilful states will fall away.

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