Cactusinhabitat booklet. South America by Anceschi G., Magli A.

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By Anceschi G., Magli A.

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Type: BO, Chuquisaca, Rio Grande valley, 800-1000 m, 1927, Troll, np ? Echinopsis horstii (P. J Braun) Anceschi & Magli comb. nov. Basionym: Cleistocactus horstii P. J Braun, Kakteen And. Sukk. 33 (10): 208 (1982). Type: BR, SW of Mato Grosso do Sul, lowlands of Rio Amoguija, 150 m, 1974, Host & Uebelmann 373 (KOELN, ZSS). Echinopsis leucotricha (R. Philippi) Anceschi & Magli comb. nov. Basionym: Echinocactus leucotrichus R. Philippi, Anales Mus. , Santiago de Chile 27 (1891). Type: CL, Tarapacá, Naquiña and Usmagama, Philippi (SGO 41275).

P. Taylor & Ceroni, Bradleya 25: 80 (2007): Backeberg, Neue Kakteen: 76, photo on right side (1931). Echinopsis pomanensis (F. A. C. Weber ex K. Schumann) Anceschi & Magli comb. nov. Basionym: Cereus pomanensis F. A. C. Weber ex K. Schumann, Gesamtbeschr. Kakt. 136 (1897). Neotype: (Kiesling, Darw. 34 (1-4): 391 (1966): AR, Santiago del Estero, Ojo de Agua, Quebrada “Pozo Grande”, 18 Dec 1981, Ulibarri 1366 (SI). Echinopsis pseudomelanostele (Werdermann & Backeberg) Anceschi & Magli comb. nov. Basionym: Cereus pseudomelanostele Werdermann & Backeberg, Neue Kakteen 35, 74, fig.

Friedrich & Glaetzle. This reminds us that while in Anderson (2001, 280; 2005; 2011) E. smrziana is still recognized at species level, in Hunt et al. (2006, text: 101) it is assimilated into E. schickendantzii. Instead E. walteri is recognized as a good species both Anderson (2001, 286; 2005; 2011), and Hunt et al. (2006, text: 103). ), reports that E. walteri hybridizes with E. smrziana in the Quebrada de Escoipe, which is also the type locality for the first taxon. The note adds that the photo used for the taxon in NCL (Hunt et al.

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