Cannabis, Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire by Ignacio Chapela, Catherine Gallagher, Patricia Unterman

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By Ignacio Chapela, Catherine Gallagher, Patricia Unterman Michael Pollan

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Now, some of this history illustrates the conflicts and dilemmas of a moral nature which face everyone who eats. But people in the business of feeding others have a heightened consciousness about these moral implications. We all know— every one of us knows—the choices and the impact of the choices that every individual faces when he buys food in the supermarket, or at the farmer’s market, The Botany of Desire 45 or at an expensive restaurant, or at a cheap restaurant. I mean, just think about this process, for the moment, of choosing your food.

I talk about four different desires. They do tend to be a little bit on the heady side. The presence of the receptors in the uterus appears to be involved with pain, but we don’t really know. ” And the fact that the memory is moderated to that extent may have to do with that. But in terms of other, you know, more sensual desires… it’s a great question. I don’t know the answer. COMMENT: What sort of backlash have you had from Monsanto and the beef industry? POLLAN: There’s a chapter in the book on genetically modified plants, because that’s really where we’re moving in this relationship with plants.

Because up to this point we have been riding this transformation in this revolution pretty much with closed eyes, with very few The Botany of Desire 43 exceptions: people like Michael, who have the capacity and have the willingness to take on someone like Monsanto and write about what’s happening, not for, not against, but simply narrate what’s happening. We also have the opportunity—and I think that’s a much more political statement—to try to think and to decide who is riding that technology, who is riding that ship, and where that ship is going.

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