Captivity by Sheck, Laurie

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By Sheck, Laurie

A set of poetry that explores the textures and hobbies of the human mind.

summary: a suite of poetry that explores the textures and pursuits of the human brain

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Be mindful. Wild of wing. ” … I think it must be heath-rough, wild, the brain, shocked with its most Intricate hesitations, costs. Where is the language of flowers? Where the node of fear? A pleasure center Flickers. But the place that shreds itself in blackness, the place that wants More veil, how it loves its secret Heath, its changeling and bewildered Kiss, shy on its bewildered hill, So quietly scalded, unresolved. The slender chromosomal strands And then within the cells’ lucid hiddenness, the slender chromosomal strands Begin to drift until they touch in random places, recombinant, Exchanging.

I don’t want a marble Calm. Branches click like hair triggers, and the ground refuses ownership, Each hidden liberty soundless, undisclosed. How oddly lawful I stayed behind, unable to sense any center to things anymore. Yet how oddly lawful in itself it seemed and sometimes graceful— That place in me like water clouded-over or the blanked gray of a computer screen candescing. The way it wouldn’t break itself, nor allow any thinnings or openings, An ancient kingdom risen whole and ruthless from the sea.

The Fourteenth Remove Suspense carries so many eclipses in it, so many edges of banishment, So much curve. Still, I think there is no comfort of mind but in this unmended And self-canceling passage. My self-stung eyes lead me awkward and away. I can feel no before or after anymore, only how time slips back and forth On my skin, stretching out or circling in, cryptic and unticking. These woods unlock plainly. Chance roughens what I am. Ransom is a hollow act. And water lies plainly Then I came to an edge of very calm But couldn’t stay there.

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