Castle Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition, by Grant Boucher

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By Grant Boucher

A wealth of data designed to permit any DM to create a crusade international according to feudal Europe. Sections tackle existence in a feudal tradition, new Battlesystem principles for the answer of sieges, a short solution method for large army campaigns, and an collection of well-known castles to spark your mind's eye.

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Acting as the capital for their small, but powerful society, Lanpeltis is the military and religious center for the entire Black Talon Egg Clutch. Ruled over by the High Matriarch Mother, Lanpeltis remains a bastion of strength and a symbol of hope for the Ss’ressen who call it home. The city was built from the ruins of an older Ssethric city, its great basalt blocks reshaped and stacked to create structures of phenomenal strength and eerie beauty. The most prominent feature of the city is the stepped ziggurat temple dedicated to The Fire Dragon.

Grey scaled Ss’ressen, their hides covered in long spines and weapons dripping clots of gore, faced off against deep black Ss’ressen, their large purple crests erect in the heat and Emerald Scale Barbed Tail confusion of battle. ” With guttural cries the two lines fell upon each other hacking and slashing, tails smashing bone, and talons tearing flesh. A frenzied orgy of blood and death engulfed the camp and when it was over the invading Barbed Tail Ss’ressen stood over the fallen village of Dark Crests, their homes burning behind them with lurid light.

Only females are allowed to be Priests, though highly religious males often become Paladins or Druids. The ruling matriarchy of each clutch is comprised of a group of elder females, steeped in the lore of their religion and secure in their seat of power. This ruling matriarchy is headed by a single female known as the Matriarch Mother, who holds final say in any matter and possesses the true power over the clutch. Each clutch has a central community that the ruling matriarchy controls, usually a large town or small city somewhere within Ssethregore.

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