Cat Zodiac: An Astrological Guide to the Feline Mystique by Maeva Considine

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By Maeva Considine

Brand-new cat vendors or those that have lived with a pussycat better half or for years want purely glance to the celebs to demystify cat behaviors. This zodiac assortment delves into the interior lives of cats, exploring each one solar signal and providing personality features, way of life insights, and courting dispositions to assist cat proprietors learn how to dwell in concord with their certain pets. packed with whimsical illustrations, this e-book unlocks the secrets and techniques of the pussycat mystique.

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Under such conditions, survival often resembles a lottery. One group may have enough food to live comfortably one year while their neighbors may be close to starvation, whereas the situation may be reversed in another year. The principal tech­ nique that hunter-gatherers throughout the world developed in order to cope with such recurring crises was to establish alliances �ith other bands, both near and, especially, far. When disaster and famine struck, they would have the option of moving out of affiicted areas and going to other areas where the situation was not as severe.

Up to 60 percent of the students in some classes reported having at least one experience of precog­ nition in their lives. I include some of the more interesting ones here as examples that indicate the existence of synchronicity or precognition or other kinds of phenomena not currently explicable by the widely accepted models of science. Similar events have been described by trustworthy scholars (Mishlove 1975: 176) and in historical biographical accounts of natives such as Black Elk, who tells how one of his premonitions saved his entire band from being killed (Neihardt 1961:147-49).

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