Circuit design for RF transceivers by Domine Leenaerts, J. van der Tang, Cicero S. Vaucher

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By Domine Leenaerts, J. van der Tang, Cicero S. Vaucher

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The key to such wireless fidelity lies in the fact that the receiver resorts to estimating the wireless channel before any useful data transmission takes place and also the use of state‐of‐the‐art techniques such as orthogonal frequency‐ division multiplexing (OFDM) [1]. With channel estimation, it is possible to combat the detrimental effects of the wireless channel and reliably detect the information contained in the received signal. Channel estimation is performed by sending data symbols that are known beforehand to both the transmitter and receiver and by observing how the wireless channel distorts these symbols.

This filter consists of spiral resonators with each spiral resonating at a distinct frequency operating as a notch filter at the resonance. Eight different filters were designed using binary combinations of three different spiral resonators to produce the eight distinct Hk(f)s required to represent each of the 3‐bit binary data combinations. 97 GHz. 8. The measurements were done using a vector network analyzer. The forward transmission scatter parameter S21, which is essentially equivalent to the filter transfer function Hk(f), was measured using the instrument.

IDTechEx, Printed and Chipless RFID Forecasts, Technologies & Players 2009– 2029, 2009. pdf (accessed July 7, 2015). 8. I. Jalaly and I. D.  2, Paris, October 4–6, (pp. 1161–1164), 2005. 14 INTRODUCTION 9. L. Zhan, S. Rodriguez, H. Tenhunen, and L. R. Zheng, “An Innovative Fully Printable RFID Technology Based on High Speed Time‐Domain Reflections,” Conference on High Density Microsystem Design and Packaging and Component Failure Analysis, 2006. HDP’06, Shanghai, June 27–30, (pp. 188–198) 2006.

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