Cochlear Implants-An Update by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

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By T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

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When the tip of the probe was located inside the transparent perilymph, the laser Doppler output was considered to reflect blood flow in the area illuminated. A correlation was observed between the flow values recorded from the middle ear and those from the cochlea. Although there are significant difficulties in discriminating between these blood flows, this correlation suggests that the middle ear blood flow and CBF have similar characteristics. Alternatively, this may be because blood flow in the bony wall is supplied from both the middle ear and the cochlea.

In order to determine the statistical significance of the rCBF change, individual SPECT data during electrical stimulation were compared with a restingstate 99mTc ECD SPECT dataset from 12 postlingual deaf adults, using statistical parametric mapping (SPM). Spatial normalization of these images was performed on the SPM 97 standard brain atlas. Results Auditory sensation was induced by electrical stimulation in all six patients. Three of these patients showed a statistically significant increase in rCBF on one or both sides of the temporal cortex during electrical stimulation in each ear.

15–17 edited by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi and T. P65 15 3/19/02, 9:14 AM 16 M. Hamamoto et al. ing the facial nerve and round window niche (FN-RW line), the other connecting the chorda and niche (CT-RW line). After classification of the topography concerning the widest approach route and working field, a digital caliper was used to measure numerous items, including the four critical landmarks state above, along the line of dissection toward the deeper portion. Results and discussion The widest approach route and potential working field through the facial recess With the widest approach route, the pin-gauge formed a sharp angle (pin-gauge angle) with the posterior wall (PW) of the external meatus.

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