Digital Signal Processing in VLSI by Richard J. Higgins

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By Richard J. Higgins

A heuristic exam of DSP algorithms, the special-purpose DSP ICs, and the software program instruments built to hold them out successfully.

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So if you use the mul instruction, you are implementing unsigned arithmetic. The 9S12 has both unsigned, emul, and signed, emuls, multiply instructions. So if you use the emuls instruction, you are implementing signed arithmetic. Observation: To take the negative of a two’s complement signed number we first complement (flip) all the bits, then add 1. 23: Give the representations of –35 in 8-bit binary and hexadecimal. 24: Why can’t you represent the number 200 using 8-bit signed binary? Common error: An error will occur if you use signed operations on unsigned numbers, or use unsigned operations on signed numbers.

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