Dog on it by Spencer Quinn

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By Spencer Quinn

Chet and Bernie examine the disappearance of Madison, a teenage lady who may perhaps or would possibly not were abducted, yet who has certainly gotten combined up with a few very unsavory characters.

summary: Chet and Bernie examine the disappearance of Madison, a teenage woman who may well or won't were abducted, yet who has certainly gotten combined up with a few very unsavory characters

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Bernie made some calls—tow truck, insurance, vet. Vet? Uh-oh. I moved over to the storm grate and started barking. ” I barked and barked. “Knock that off. ” Bernie! Look in the grate! But he didn’t. When the tow truck came, Bernie held the cab door open for me. I climbed in, maybe not with my usual ease. ” “Hey,” said the tow-truck guy. ” “You bet,” said Bernie. We got new tires—part of the deductible, whatever that meant, but it didn’t seem to make Bernie happy—and drove to the vet. Her name was Amy, a big round woman with a nice voice and careful hands, but I always start shaking the moment I enter the waiting room, and this time was no different.

Then Bernie started explaining about the first disappearance. On the screen, Sherlock Holmes smoked a pipe. What would that be like, pipe smoke? All of sudden I was in the mood for Bernie to light up a cigarette. Sure, that was bad of me, but the smell was so nice. “The point is, Rick, Madison was seen at the mall that night, but she didn’t go to the movie, although she was in the ticket line. According to my witness—a cashier who ID’d her off a photo— a young male appeared, and after a brief talk, they went away together.

What was this? He’d bolted down a hole, a small round hole in the dirt. I started digging right away, real fast, got a nice clawing rhythm going, all four paws involved, and soon had a big hole under way. But all of a sudden I caught a whiff of something, a nasty smell with a bit of bacon mixed in, that meant one thing and one thing only: javelina. I raised my head, sniffed the air. No doubt, and it was coming from down the hill, closer to the trail. I glanced around, saw I’d dug a hole, although I wasn’t sure why.

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