Forged of Darkness (Ravenloft Accessory) by William W. Connors

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By William W. Connors

A set of magical goods, each one of which contains the unique taint of the Demiplane of Dread. This omnibus of diabolic units will upload a component of the macabre to any RAVENLOFT crusade.

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Forged of Darkness (Ravenloft Accessory)

A suite of magical goods, each one of which includes the particular taint of the Demiplane of Dread. This omnibus of diabolic units will upload a component of the macabre to any RAVENLOFT crusade.

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Nothing: The magic of the death-in-the-box does not manifest. However, the skeletal clown still springs from its hiding place, possibly frightening unsuspecting onlookers causing a Fear check. Failure results in the witness trying to flee, or if unable to flee he suffers a penalty of -2 to all rolls and Armor Class, spells face a chance of 25% minus the caster's level to misfire. For more drama, the DM may wish to have the victim make a System Shock roll or faint. Curses While many would argue that the powers of the death-in-the-boxconstitute curses, the magics of this foul toy are every bit as dangerous to the user as its obvious manifestations of evil.

Waning Gibbous Moon: After passing its brightest phase, the moon’s power wanes only slightly. If someone taps the power of the waning moon by touching the edge of the moondial and speaking the word heilen (pronounced “HY-len”), he will become charged with the moon’s healing energies. From that moment until the rising of the sun the next morning, the user of the moondial will regenerate 3 hit points per round, even after death. Only the total destruction of the character’s body, as through a disintegrate spell, will prevent this magical healing ability.

Death Magic or will suffer the drain of one experience level or hit die instantly. Any creatures who spend more than one round within the top’s aura must make a saving throw every round, so it is possible to lose a number energy levels to this diabolical device. The person spinning the top is not affected. November: This top is decorated with a strange mosaic of autumn colors. When the top is spun the pattern appears to be falling leaves of red, gold, and orange blown by an autumn wind. the magical school of Invocation/Evocation.

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