Geophysics by Charles G. Sammis and Thomas L. Henyey (Eds.)

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By Charles G. Sammis and Thomas L. Henyey (Eds.)

Edited Charles G. Sammis., Henyey T.L. (eds.) Geophysics (AP, 1987)(ISBN 0124759661)

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Spencer (1981) explained his results in terms of electrical interaction between water molecules and the mineral surface. A number of viscous fluid flow models in rocks are discussed by Mavko et al. (1979). The loss results from the relative motion between the solid and pore fluids and from relative motion within the fluid. White (1986) identified internal friction peaks in the laboratory measurement of fluid-saturated porous rocks resulting from fluid motion near the sample surface. White cautioned that results from such laboratory measurements may not be applicable to wave propagation in an extended porous medium.

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