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A century in the past, the forces of darkness overran Eredane and subjugated all its peoples to the need of the darkish god Izrador. nearly. In what is still in their mountain holdfasts within the Kaladruns, the dwarves nonetheless face up to. it's been slightly a dwarven new release because the Shadow fell, and dwelling dwarves nonetheless consider freedom. they've got the best guns and armor at the face of Aryth, traps devilish adequate to kill one thousand orcs, and a mythical stubbornness within the face of adversity. it isn't sufficient. on a daily basis on the earth of dead night the dwarves are wasting their warfare opposed to the numberless servants of Izrador. Hammer and Shadow contains: Dozens of forces, NPCs, and placement descriptions for the Kaladrun Mountains and the armies that attack them. Maps, event hooks, and native rumors to include into any hour of darkness crusade. New feats, status sessions, charms, and kit for either the courageous defenders of the Kaladruns and the savage minions reason on destroying them.

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This publication contains sixteen new pantheons of gods for monster races equivalent to darkish Elves, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls and more.
New holy symbols, temple maps, status periods, domain names, spells, and holy relics fill this large tome, supplying GMs and computers with very important details to flesh out their myth campaigns. Gods is the appropriate better half e-book to Monster, yet can be utilized independently.

* sixteen Races and 19 status periods
* 30 Spells and 70 Magic goods
* whole backgrounds on over a dozen religions
* 34 New domain names, Spells, and tradition info
* entire NPC monks for every race

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NPCs Arynix The most feared member of the Shadow’s army in the Kaladruns is Arynix, the Fire in the Night. Arynix was one of the first dragons to be seduced by Izrador’s whispered promises, and his devotion to the dark god has grown absolute. Arynix is massive, even amongst his own kind. Of all the dragons that serve the Shadow, only the insane Zardrix is larger, and as such it was Arynix who faced that queen of the dragons in the battle at the end of the Second Age. His direc- Chapter Five: The War of Stone tions from his dark god were specific: to draw Zardrix away from her kin, but not to kill her.

Although they cannot confirm that gnomes are helping the southern dwarves, they are to capture and commandeer any gnome caravans they find along the way. At the same time, heavily armed shock troops will travel under the mountains, locating and isolating dwarven holds. The Shadow forces plan to take away the southern dwarves’ most important advantages: their unity and their allies. If they isolate the Kurgun and clan dwarves of the Spinewall Range, they believe they can keep them contained with minimal troop commitment while the main force continues south to sack Bodrun.

Their safety was an illusion; the Shadow had not forgotten the southern Kaladruns. In 99 Last Age, orc warbands gather in Erenhead to prepare for a final offensive against the dwarves. This offensive will bring fire and vardatch into every clanhold and village in the south. War like none the southern clans have ever seen is coming. The War of Stone encompasses the Kaladrun Mountain chain south of Kardoling and includes Kurgun and human villages in the Kaladrun foothills, Barren Forest, and White Desert.

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