Hydrology and Water Supply for Pond Aquaculture by Kyung H. Yoo, Claude E. Boyd

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By Kyung H. Yoo, Claude E. Boyd

In 1979, numerous graduate scholars within the division of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn collage met with one of many authors (CEB) and requested him to educate a brand new path on water provide for aqua­ tradition. They felt that details on climatology, hydrology, water distribution structures, pumps, and wells will be necessary to them. each one of these scholars have been making plans to paintings in advertisement aquaculture within the usa or in a foreign country, and so they suggestion that this type of cdurse could higher arrange them to devise aquaculture initiatives and to speak with engineers, contractors, and different experts who frequently get involved within the making plans and building levels of aquaculture en­ deavors. The path used to be constructed, and after many years it was once determined that more desirable presentation of a few of the fabric can be made via an engineer. the opposite writer (KHY) approved the problem, and 3 classes at the water provide facets of aquaculture at the moment are provided at Auburn collage. A path offering heritage in hydrology is through classes on chosen themes from water provide engineering. so much graduate courses in aquaculture at different universities may also­ tually contain comparable coursework, simply because scholars desire a formal intro­ duction to this significant, but a bit missed, a part of aquaculture. now we have written this e-book to function a textual content for a direction in water provide for aquaculture or for person research. The publication is split into is anxious parts.

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Hydrology and Water Supply for Pond Aquaculture

In 1979, numerous graduate scholars within the division of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn college met with one of many authors (CEB) and requested him to coach a brand new direction on water offer for aqua­ tradition. They felt that details on climatology, hydrology, water distribution platforms, pumps, and wells will be worthwhile to them.

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These droplets form clouds. When water droplets in clouds grow too large to be buoyed up by air currents, they fall as rain. If temperatures are below freezing, water in clouds freezes to become sleet, snow, or hail. ,. :::: o SCALE 500 FEET - - - - - WATERSHED BOUNDARY -'- ' - ' - STREAM U-LJ OAM FIGURE 1-10. A topographic map of a pond and its watershed. Contour lines are in feet. When rain falls on the earth's surface, some of it strikes vegetation, buildings, and other objects. This rain is said to be intercepted.

7psi. 4 WATER FLOW The flow of water in a pipe, channel, or porous medium can be estimated from the velocity and cross-sectional area of the field of flow : Q = Av = discharge (length 3/time) = cross-sectional area of flow v = velocity (length/time) where Q A (1-9) (length2 ) Water flows from a point of greater head to a point of lesser head. As water flows, its head relative to a reference plane decreases. This head loss ·results because water must overcome frictional forces opposing flow. Head may be increased by lifting the water source to a higher elevation or by increasing its pressure with a pump.

As air rises up a mountain, it expands, cools, increases in relative humidity, reaches the condensation level, and precipitation may occur. Therefore, it is not unusual for the windward slopes of mountains to receive much rainfall. Once air passes over a mountain and descends the leeward slope, it warms because of compression and its relative humidity decreases. Thus, conditions are not good for precipitation, and a rain shadow often occurs on the leeward side of a mountain range. Orographic precipitation is illlustrated in Figure 2-1.

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