[Magazine] Curtis's Botanical Magazine. Volumes 5-6 by William Curtis

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By William Curtis

Fantastically illustrated:
Botanical Magazine;
Flower-Garden Displayed:
The so much decorative international crops, cultivated within the Open floor, the Green-House, and the range, are thoroughly represented of their traditional Colours.
TO that are ADDED,
Their Names, type, Order, known and particular Characters, in accordance with the distinguished Linnæus; their areas of development, and instances of Flowering:
THE such a lot authorized equipment OF CULTURE.
Intended for using such girls, gents, and Gardeners, as desire to develop into scientifically familiar with the crops they cultivate."

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The name, indeed, of one of our colours is taken from its blofibras. " ixi ">*2", I '»::i|__U_UU C 184 3 JXIA CROCATA. f SAFFRON-COLOUR'D Order. TRIANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Character. Cor. 6-partita, campanulata, regularis. ' Stigmata 3. • Specific CharacJer and Synonyms'. 1XIA crocata foliis enfiformibus, floribus fecundis corcli' fhunb. Diff. de Ixia. I bafi hyalino-feneftratis. t Syft. Feg. ed. 1 4. Murr. p. 85. ta foliis enfiformibus, floribus alternis, tube 1 croca JXIA gitudine braftearum, corollae laminis ovatis inte.

Fome rs June and continues in bloflbm about three r' d retjuires a flickered but not too dady a fituation, / Ulan moifL. and a foil comp rr>mnrofed >rpri of nf loam Innm and and bog hop" ^rotten leaves. ' Ual mode of propagating it is by layers; care muft 11 not to remove the offspring too foon from the mother THE BOTANICAL MAGAZINE; O. R, Flower-Garden Difplayed: IN WHICH The moft Ornamental FOREIGN PLANTS, cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-Houfe, and the Stove, are ac curately reprefented in their natural Colours, TO WHICH ARE ADDED, Their Names, Clafs, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, according to the celebrated LINN^US ; their Places of Growth, and Times of Flowering: WITH TOGETHER THE MOST APPROVED METHODS OF CULTURE.

De Iride. Specific Character and Synonyms. IRIS Jambucina barbata, foliis enfiformibus glabris erefti brevioribus fcapo multifloro, petalis deflexis ^)lan Linn. Syft. Vegetal, ed. 1 4. Murr. Thunl. loc. cit. ». 10 Ait. Hort. Keiv. v. i . p. 69. IRIS latifolia germanica, fambuci odore. Bauh. Pin. 3 1. IRIS Camerarii five purpurea verficolor major. Thegreate* variable coloured purple Flower-de-Luce. Park. P p. 1 81. This fpecies of Iris, faid to be a native of the South _ Europe, derives its name from the imell of its flowers, wwd» very much refembles that of elder in bloom.

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