Microcontrollers From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 by Robert Reese, J.W. Bruce, Bryan A. Jones

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By Robert Reese, J.W. Bruce, Bryan A. Jones

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The symbol for a sequential logic element uses a bubble on an input to indicate low-true input or output. 18. The following definitions are used in reference to clock waveforms: A rising edge is a transition from low to high; a falling edge is a transition from high to low. The period of a clock is the time in seconds (s) between two edges of the same type. A clock waveform typically has a fixed period; in other words, the period does not vary over time. The frequency of a clock is defined as 1/(period) measured in Hertz (Hz), where 1 Hz = 1/(1 s) (a 1 Hz clock has a period of 1 second).

The value of 9 is too large to be represented in 3 bits, and thus the result is incorrect from an arithmetic perspective, but is correct by the rules of Chapter 1 1 Number System and Digital Logic Review 1 1 + 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 9 Carry Binary addition example. 1 binary addition. This is known as the limited precision problem; only increasing the number of bits used for binary encoding can increase the number range. We study this problem and the consequences of using more or fewer bits for number representation in later chapters.

In this context, a bus is simply a collection of parallel wires; a bus named A with N wires is designated as A[N–1:0]. The LSb and MSb of bus A are A[0] and A[N–1], respectively. If N = 8, the entire bus A is labeled as A[7:0], the LSb is A[0], and the MSb is A[7]. A3 I0 0 I1 1 B3 Y 0 Y3 1 2-to-1 Mux Symbol S I0 A2 0 B2 1 . 14 One-bit 2-to-1 mux, 4-bit 2-to-1 mux. THE ADDER The adder takes two n-bit inputs (A, B) and computes the n-bit sum (A + B). Most adders have a carry-in bit input for the LSb addition and a carry-out bit output from the MSb addition.

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