Physiology and Molecular Biology of Stress Tolerance in by K.V. Madhava Rao, A.S. Raghavendra, K. Janardhan Reddy

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By K.V. Madhava Rao, A.S. Raghavendra, K. Janardhan Reddy

Today, biologists world wide communicate an analogous medical language of molecular biology and use an identical molecular instruments. extra curiosity and a focus is given to molecular biology of abiotic rigidity tolerance and modes of putting in higher tolerant mechanisms in crop crops. those experiences make vegetation able to maintaining their yields even less than tension stipulations. additional, the knowledge received may possibly shape the foundation for its software in biotechnology and bioinformatics. This e-book doesn't simply overview the present prestige within the body structure and molecular biology of pressure tolerance and its development in vegetation yet also will set off additional examine in this intriguing topic.

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Rozwadowski, K. , Keller, W. A. and Selvaraj, G.. (2000) Genetic engineering of glycine betaine production toward enhancing stress tolerance in plants, metabolic limitations. Plant Physiol. 122, 747-756. , Misaki H. and Horiuti, Y. (1977) Purification and characterization of choline oxidase from Arthrobacter globiformis. J. Biochem. 82, 1741-1749. Ingram, J. and Bartels, D. (1996) The molecular basis of dehydration tolerance in plants. Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol. Plant Mol. Biol. 47, 377-403. , Usuda, H.

Compatible solutes might prevent interaction between these ions and cellular components by replacing the water molecules around these components, thereby, protecting against destabilization during drought. There is evidence showing that compatible solutes stabilize enzymes. , 1998). Glycine betaine has also been shown to stabilize the PSII supercomplex in the presence of high concentrations of NaCl (Sakamoto and Murata, 2002). , 2000). Trehalose exerts its function at lower concen- Water Stress 23 trations than other compatible solutes.

4. Molecular Responses to Drought in Drought-Tolerant Plants Various wild plants inhabit harsh environments and have strong tolerance to a number of stresses. Accumulating evidence suggests that the molecular mechanisms of tolerance in these plants are quite different from those in model and domesticated crop plants. Retama raetam is a C3-type legume that grows wild in arid areas along the Mediterranean coast. Lower leaves of this plant are shaded from strong light and active in photosynthesis, while upper leaves suffer the stress of strong light.

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