Player's Guide to Greyhawk (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by Anne Browne

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By Anne Browne

An critical consultant to the heroes, horrors, and legends of Greyhawk, the Player's consultant to Greyhawk good points new legends and lethal dungeons in your heroes to discover. integrated are distinctive periods, nationwide backgrounds, and new kits certain to Greyhawk.

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They tend to prefer open spaces to crowded cities, and they have an affinity for gardening (especially among those with no choice but to live in crowded conditions). The Flannae have a strong tradition for storytelling, and most families have a repertoire of legends and traditions passed down through the generations. They like to spend as much time as they can out of doors, and a favorite pastime during comfortable weather is to build an outdoor fire and gather the family around for an evening of stories.

THEOERlDlANS A millennium ago, the Oeridians moved from the west into the Flanaess, where they eventually took control of what is now Furyondy Perrenland, the Shield Lands, the Great Kingdom of North Aerdy, the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, Onnwal and Sunndi. They are sometimes difficult to differentiate from other races, with skin ranging from tan to olive, hair varying in color from honey-blonde to black (with brown and auburn being most common), and eyes of every common calor, though most often brown or gray.

Historically, the Oeridians were fierce warriors and aggressive about controlling land. They fought hard to maintain their borders and even harder to acquire lands they desired. Conquerors by nature, they are accustomed to thinking of themselves as the best humanity has to offer and thus destined to rule. They are prone to take charge, obey their superiors, and sacrifice for the good of whatever group they are in. All Oeridians suffer from bouts of temper, however, and those who can control their emotions and channel their energies into productive activity are regarded highly among all the races.

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