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By Luis Argerich

This source bargains an easy and common cross-platform resolution for e-commerce, advanced internet, and database-driven purposes to operating personal home page builders who are looking to take their talents to the subsequent point.

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Rather than try to dig back through your history list to find it, we're going to create a shell script to configure PHP. /configure \ --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs \ --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql If you have any other PHP extensions you want to add, put them in on separate lines with \ at the end. Make Chapter 2: Installation 37 38 Chapter 2: Installation sure the last line does not end with a \. Note that –with-apxs is used instead of --with-apache. This allows you to install PHP as a dynamic shared object (DSO) instead of a static module.

Most are also available in a digest mode with one big message, much less frequently, which contains all the messages since the last digest. PHP-General digest is twice daily, but is still a very large e-mail. The PHP mailing lists are very pleasant (generally) and extremely tolerant of newbie questions, but do follow these rules: 50 Chapter 2: Installation Chapter 2: Installation 51 ♦ Read the manual ♦ Re-read the FAQs before you send your question ♦ Search the archives before you send your question ♦ Use the right list ♦ Do not cross-post ♦ Use an intelligent subject Be sure you read the descriptions of the various mailing lists before you choose to send an e-mail to one of them.

Second, we'll install, configure, and test Apache to be sure we have a working web server. Finally, we'll install, configure, and test PHP and integrate it with Apache. While we won't be configuring Apache to use PHP as a CGI, we will still be compiling PHP as a standalone binary (CGI) because it's extremely useful for quickly running PHP scripts from a command line without firing up a web-browser, and for "cron" jobs – executing PHP scripts for routine, periodic, scheduled events. Installing MySQL MySQL is a database management system that can be used in conjunction with PHP and, to follow some of the code examples that are outlined in this book, a database is required.

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