Relating Geophysical Structures and Processes: The Jeffreys by Keiiti Aki, Renata Dmowska

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By Keiiti Aki, Renata Dmowska

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Published through the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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Figure 2 (upper part) shows the flexural uplift of the ocean ridge and the deviatoric stress in the upper elastic part of the lithosphere for Model RIG2 of a normal oceanic ridge as described above. An enlarged plot of the central region is shown below the main model. The deviatoric stress has been concentrated into the upper elastic part of the lithosphere. Small tensions occur near the ridge crest as a result of the ongoing extension, representing the ridge resistance. These give way laterally a t about 40 krn to horizontal deviatoric compressions which increase t o about 40 MPa a t about 200 km from the ridge crest, remaining a t about this level out to the oldest ocean floor because of trade-off between increasing tectonic force and thickening elastic layer.

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