Star of Cursrah (Forgotten Realms: Lost Empires, Book 3) by Clayton Emery

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By Clayton Emery

Lurking within the ruins is a terrible story of greed, strength, and revenge.  The Protector crawls forth, the colour of a lifeless urban whose rulers refuse to die, and younger partners in far away epochs research of a dreadful future they can not break out . . . and a perilous risk to all they carry dear.

The misplaced Empires sequence uncovers the secrets and techniques of the traditional civilizations of the Forgotten Realms world.  Why did Cursrah fall?  Who used to be the big name of Cursrah?  and the way can a long-dead urban threaten the trendy realm of Calimshan?Uncover the secrets and techniques for your self - in case you dare.

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He posted patrols of six men along all the major roads leading south. The patrols were to remain inconspicuous until they saw Midnight's company. Then they were to attack and drive her north. Cyric and the rest of his Zhentilar marched northwest on foot, moving at night to avoid Cormyrian patrols. Along the way, Cyric visited the towns of Wheloon and Hilp, arranging unpleasant receptions in case Midnight and company stopped there. North of Hilp, Cyric's Zhentilar had stumbled across an isolated halfling village.

The fighter immediately ran at a full sprint to cut the horseman off. Before the rancid horse had taken a dozen steps, Kelemvor caught it. The fighter leaped out of the shadows and hit the zombie in the midsection, knocking both it and Midnight out of the saddle. The horse bolted. Midnight landed on the zombie, and Kelemvor landed on her. The fighter stood up immediately, sword in hand. Using his free hand, he jerked Midnight to her feet. The corpse kicked at Kelemvor's legs, but the warrior hopped out of the way.

They slipped past the hall's crooked door into the dark courtyard. Cyric's boots sank to the ankle in mud. A driving rain, so cold it should have been sleet, stung his face. The eerie wail of the wind echoed from the keep's stone walls. In the opposite corner of the courtyard, torchlight flickered between what had once been the guards' barracks and the blacksmith's shop. That was where the well was located. Fane led the way across the yard, each step creating a slurp that punctuated the hard patter of the raindrops.

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