Tales of the Lance (AD&D 2nd Edition: Dragonlance Boxed Set by Harold Johnson, John Terra

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By Harold Johnson, John Terra

The fitting introductory online game to the DragonLance saga, this boxed set comprises entire historical past to introduce this profitable line to new avid gamers. the cloth indicates avid gamers and Dungeon Masters how one can create the DragonLance saga "feel" of their personal crusade. three maps; 12 playing cards.

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At the same time, the Northern and Southern Darkwoods hold back the folk of Throt to the east and those of Solamnia to the west. Between these dense forests lie grassy plains and winding rivers that reach north into Solamnia. On the southern border, the New Sea provides a shipping route to Lemish’s most common trade partner: Sanction. Climate: Lemish enjoys the same temperate climate that Solamnia does, though the winters of Lemish last a few weeks longer. Ample rainfall makes for thick vegetation in the Darkwoods and in the central plains.

See “Blood Sea Isles”) Lemish Capital: Lemish Main Populace: Humans, Blue Dragonarmy, goblins, trolls Languages: Common, Lemish, Solamnic, Goblin, Nerakese, Draconian, Ogre+, Hylar+, Gully Talk+ National Alignment: Neutral Evil Government: Dictatorial Despot Nellthis of Lemish (Human F17, AC -3, hp 78, AL NE) Disposition: Backstabbing Geography: This small nation is pinched between Solamnia, Estwilde, and the New Sea. A narrow mountain range guards its eastern borders from incursions by the Estwilde barbarians.

Politics: Two races struggle to survive upon this harsh glacier: the Evil thanoi (walrus men) and the Good humans. As though the arctic climes do not pose problems enough, these two races are locked in a bitter battle for control of the meager resources of Icereach. The desperate humans have sent envoys to Tarsis and Thorbardin, seeking allies in their struggles. Such diplomatic efforts have borne little fruit, for the folk of Tarsis and Thorbardin can hardly conceive of Good folk living on Icereach.

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