Temporal and spatial patterns in carbonate platforms by Gianni Galli

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By Gianni Galli

Combining box examine of outcrop geology and investigating the new formation of carbonate rocks in coastal environments the writer provides an creation in series stratigraphy. utilizing laptop simulations the ebook makes a speciality of 4 questions, concerning the geometry of carbonate wedges, sequences related with geotectonic cycles, their effect via geoidal pulses and the choice of those geoidal pulse distribution in geological time. Examples from the Alps and Florida express that ramps and divergent styles, megabreccias, drowning of carbonate structures and so on. are result of international momentary sea point falls, interpreted as geoidal eustasy. This quantity could be a fruitful complement for the translation and realizing of series stratigraphic sections not just for scientists and scholars but additionally for researchers within the oil and fuel undefined.

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It shows that: "The p e r c e n t a g e of sand, s t o r m layer t h i c k n e s s and grain size, as well as the d e g r e e of a m a l g a m a t i o n show a continuously decreasing trend from s h a l l o w to d e e p e r water, while bioturbation generally decreases" (Aigner,1982,1985). This c o n c e p t is not a p p l i c a b l e in the c a s e s e x a m i n e d f u r t h e r b e l o w w h e r e the v a r i o u s p a r a m e t e r s d i s p l a y o p p o s i t e trends. A distal p o s i t i o n for t h i n - b e d d e d the f o l l o w i n g features: alternations is indicated by 25 Windward C o Leeward n g l o ~ ~ , .

S c a r c i t y of a m a l g a m a t i o n s ; 4. small t h i c k n e s s e s and fine g r a i n e d A proximal position by the following: for the size thick-bedded of material. alternations is shown I. o c c u r r e n c e of complete storm sequences (tripartite division); 2. e r o s i o n a l surfaces; 3. thick basal u n i t s with lags and a g r a i n s t o n e texture; ~. amalEamations of sequences; s t a c k i n E of basal units. S t o r m d e p o s i t s here are a main result of an o n s h o r e s e d i m e n t t r a n s p o r t in a shallow, n e a r s h o r e water, as a direct e f f e c t of w i n d - d r i f t currents.

28 - Examples of 'catch-up' reefs. Britomart Reef,Great B a r r i e r R e e f : J o h n s o n , et a l . (1977); Wabash Reef,Devonian, Indiana: Lowenstam (1950); Pueblo Nuevo Reef,Oligocene, Mexico: Frost (1977). T h e s t r a t i g r a p h y a n d e v o l u t i o n of the H o l o c e n e e x a m p l e s shows a strict dependance u p o n the r e l a t i v e s e a - l e v e l c u r v e . A s i m i l a r o o n t r o l is i n f e r r e d for the o l d e r e x a m p l e s . 40 -- W - OJ O~ cO F-, -~ 0".

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