The Fury (Henry Parker Novels) by Jason Pinter

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By Jason Pinter

Am I my brother's keeper?If i would recognized I had a brother, i would were. yet he is dead—shot point-blank in a rat-hole residence, wasted by way of starvation and heroin. Stephen Gaines, a guy with whom I shared nothing…except a father.For a few cause this stranger who shared my blood got here to me for help…and I blew him off considering he was once just a few junkie. Now i am compelled to question every little thing I ever knew…and work out why this guy was once murdered in chilly blood.All i will be able to do for Stephen Gaines now could be locate his killer—and with the aid of Amanda Davies discover the total, demanding fact. If it capacity monitoring down a vicious drug kingpin—who may possibly or would possibly not exist—then so be it….

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Then when the blow comes, you're able to soften it a bit. Retaliate if nec essary. When Detective Makhoulian said those five words-- Stephen Gaines was your brother--they hit me, knocked the wind out of me. I had no time to prepare, no time to soften the blow. At first I didn't believe it. Or I didn't want to. But I'd heard the name Makhoulian before. I'd spent enough time with cops, mainly my buddy Curt Sheffield, that it rang with a modicum of familiarity. If Curt men tioned him, that was a good sign.

S office in one hour. " "No, but I would still like to know what all this is about. Like I said, tonight was the first time I ever saw this guy. " "This man I'm speaking of, he was found two hours ago in an apartment in Alphabet City, dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. " "Okay," I said, my stomach beginning to turn. Dead? What exactly had that guy wanted to talk to me about? While the last thing I wanted was to get tied up in the murder of some junkie, I felt some sense of remorse. "Listen, Detective, no disrespect, but this guy probably saw one of my stories and figured a reporter might be more inclined to listen to him than a cop.

And if I wasn't--I had a scar or two to motivate me to quicken my reaction times. My mother, Eve Parker, was withdrawn. I hate to say aloof because that wasn't it, but it seemed as though she'd been shell-shocked by her husband into a per petual state of submission. She rarely flinched, just went through the motions like an automaton who forgot that at one point she was human. I wondered what she had been like before she'd met James. If she'd been strong or vivacious. If she'd hoped to marry the man of her dreams.

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