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By Dale Donovan


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This e-book contains sixteen new pantheons of gods for monster races resembling darkish Elves, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Minotaurs, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls and more.
New holy symbols, temple maps, status sessions, domain names, spells, and holy relics fill this large tome, delivering GMs and desktops with very important info to flesh out their myth campaigns. Gods is the ideal spouse e-book to Monster, yet can be utilized independently.

* sixteen Races and 19 status sessions
* 30 Spells and 70 Magic goods
* entire backgrounds on over a dozen religions
* 34 New domain names, Spells, and tradition info
* whole NPC monks for every race

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Chief among his rivals for this post was the Zulkir of Necromancy, Szass Tam. Maligor’s last known scheme involved seizing control of the nation’s gold mines. Campaign Uses: If Maligor survived the mine collapse (archmages are noted for being difficult to kill), his power in Thay is gone. It would have behooved him to let his enemies think him dead, then seek to leave Thay as quietly and as quickly as possible. PCs could encounter him, likely in disguise or going by a new name, in some isolated region of Thay or in the surrounding area.

These tunnels had been dug by the dwarf Melairkyn clan, named after its founder, Melair. This clan had discovered mithral. The dwarves eventually died or were scattered by incursions of duergar and drow. When the mithral mines were played out, the duergar left, but the drow remained. Halaster is thought to have wiped out the last of the drow after they had been weakened in a war with the surface elves. The mage’s apprentices believed that Halaster kept some of the drow, magically transformed them, and held them as his new slaves.

Halaster also can exchange any of these phantoms with his true body instantaneously without any visual change or alteration. Halaster is also aware of the use of any gate within Undermountain and can actively control their functioning (or lack thereof) and destination within his complex. It is he who maintains certain patterns within the gate network. The only gates Halaster cannot actively control are those used to enter Undermountain that are more than 100 miles distant from his complex. He can control one gate per turn.

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