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The Wizard's Spell Compendium is a four-volume sequence describing each wizard spell for the AD&D online game. Spells were accrued from rule books, crusade settings, supplementations, adventures, and magazines courting again to 1975. Early entries were up to date to be instantly usable, making this the player's and DM's definitive resource for wizard spells.

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Affsdiplg magical spells or iteau. Kerith, the ~pell’nmoator, was a wiprdllocad for his astounding lack of courage in the &e of wen the most insignificant dangers. He dovob aped thin spell early in his OPMT to assist in his frequent and precipitous withdmdS f m l 3 l W m . bat. Wth was noted for his Oynica obwmtion to a compenion: ’$1don’t hsvc to outnm the kofl. ” Notes! Uncomnnon ~pell(P0:SM) (Altentlon) Explork Rune8 (Mmeoronuay) Level: 3 Range: Touch cnnponmts: y 9 Casting Time: 3 Duration: special Arca of Effect: 10-ft.

Only OrsatUFsS with up to 3 hit pointa per level of the castq (9 hit poipta maximum) and a n i d iDkfligara orlcssm bcnfFecad More powasRtl wiprds OIUl ah& bigger pests, including largc spidua, atirgcs, poisonous snakes, and giant or huge csntipedcs. Ifthc targeted m a tures are extremely small (1 hit point or kss). Familiars arc immune to this spcll. This spell is well suitod to indoor or outdoor applications slld M a favorite among necromancers who live cllmaag pes(i1cnce. Cruel wizards have been known to exterminate benign animals (and sometimes others'pcto) with the spell.

Must he of same family (black catlfeline). Charm lasts 1 turnllevel. F&, once p a day Familiar sprouts wings. ). Invisibility once per day, or knock once per day (50% chance of either). -50 Mirror Image, once per day, -65 Speak with animals (any nonmagical type), tbree times per day. This gives no special influence. Water brzathing, once per week. -80 Enemy detection (as wand) 30-foot radius, once per day for 1 turn. Defect tmps (as wand) twice per day for 1 turn;unlike wand can't find secret doors Intelligence raised to High ( 12+ldZ).

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