The Quintessential Fighter II: Advanced Tactics (Dungeons & by Alejandro Melchor, Anne Stokes

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By Alejandro Melchor, Anne Stokes

The recent complicated strategies sequence revolutionises the best-selling integral line with the hot indispensable Fighter II - complex strategies. that includes ideas and fabric to help your fighter all through his profession, The fundamental Fighter II is a useful source from First to 20th point. With epic growth principles, multiclassing, a mess of techniques for boosting and bettering your fighter’s strength via magic, mythical sessions, survival strategies, new strive against thoughts and kinds in addition to status sessions and feats designed for the skilled fighter, this can be a necessary source for avid gamers and video games Masters alike. faraway from a alternative for the unique vital Fighter, this e-book is a perfect spouse for these looking to take their characters past the choices given within the unique sequence. Reinvigorating the best-selling critical line, this new 128 web page booklet maintains the intriguing diversity. gamers and video games Masters alike could be desirous to learn a radical sourcebook devoted to probably the most well known periods of d20 gaming.

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A little,’ she assented, twirling her twin short swords in a dazzling technique unrecognisable to her opponent. ’ The man said, squinting his eyes and regarding her curiously. ’ Loris declared, and attacked. Champions are the generals of a deity’s armies; they are not the crusader paladins but the link between the church’s hierarchy and the rank and file of their forces. Strengths A champion gains a number of benefits from the paladin levels he had before embracing the fighter class, with the following being the most important:  Saves: Through the divine grace ability, the character adds his Charisma modifier to all of his saving throws.

As this enables him to cast spells that have somatic components without any risk of arcane spell failure, he can use the armour he would ordinarily have worn as a conventional fighter without any spellcasting inconvenience. Stilled spells only take up one spell slot higher than ordinary ones, allowing the mageblade to use this feat to his advantage from his very first wizard level.  Because of his bonus feats, a wizard has more opportunities for taking item creation feats which, in the mageblade’s case, should start with Craft Magic Arms and Armour so he can stock his own magic armoury, and Forge Rings or Craft Wondrous Items to make protective items.

If the character catches up with the fugitive within a week, the character gains a +1 bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive checks and +1 bonus to damage rolls against the target for the duration of their first encounter.  Take Cover: Upon gaining 10th fighter level, the character may elect to Take Cover. The character’s versatility means he can make the most of any cover available to him, and reduce the penalties incurred when fighting in odd positions. The character gains a +4 bonus to Reflex saves against burst attacks rather than the usual +2 (see Cover in Core Rulebook I) when behind cover.

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